Graphic Design for Minnesota Swarm, 2012.

Graphic Design for Minnesota Swarm, 2012.


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I'm a professional problem solver. The seemingly unsolvable tasks that result in poor design, ineffective copy and lackluster marketing strategies are just puzzles waiting to be solved. With my unique skill set, I bring experience with large clients and individuals to cater strategy to the needs of the client in a timely and personal manner.
I design, write, and compose by the mantra of simplicity, visibility and marketability. If I make a decision, I have either have the figures to back it up, or the drive to make the figures happen. Let's make something happen together.

I love advertising because of the unique opportunities it affords the creative to target specific demographics and market new and exciting things. As a creative, I'm constaly searching for new ways to meet the expectations of my client and their target audience. Through social media analytics, I create new platforms that are tailor made to help a brand interact one-on-one with a client. Through great, minimal design and copywriting, this interaction makes a lasting impact that creates a special relationship between the customer and their brand. As an American raised in Europe, I take cues from the fantastic amount of good advertising that has come from overseas. As a Minneapolitan, I try to be informed by the great culture that seems to be omnipresent in the community. I love design that is simple and universal.

kwerstein (AT) mcad (DOT) edu